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Quotes I have worked out my whole life, but have always struggled with finding interesting ways to vary my training, specifically in the areas of balance, core and flexibility. That is where Rob comes in. Rob uses cutting edge, simple technology to increase all the areas I described above. The results have been improved performance in strength, endurance and speed. Thanks Rob! Quotes
Mike Kasper
CEO, Large Health Services Organization

Quotes Rob was very interested in our first meeting what I consider important to achieve by working with him. Having reached the ripe old age of 54, my desire is to insure my fitness level to allow me to keep my active schedule as a golf instructor as well as improve my own game, I believed an outside influence, Rob, would be good for me. After being on Rob's watchful eye for the last six months, I have greatly increased my stability, my balance, my cardio, my overall strength, my flexibility, my nutritional intake in ways I could not have imagined. His workouts have not just added to improvement in golf, but the every day functional movements I now make resemble many of the exercises we have worked on. I have a degree in physical eduation and have always been in good shape (I thought), however, being away from the innovations which Rob is a great student of, I have to give Rob my unconditional seal of approval, he is good for you! Quotes
Rick Koscher
Flight Enhancement Officer, The Golf Better Coach

Quotes It was great having you at Downers Grove North HS. The exercises and explanations that you gave our students were much needed and they thoroughly enjoyed the workouts you gave them. Your explanation of the need for functional training and decreasing repetitive movement was spot on. Quotes
Courtney White
PE Department Chair, Downers Grove North High School

Quotes Rob Wienski spoke to my Entrepreneurship class at York High School. Rob has a great passion not only for his business, but for giving back to the community. Rob came in with high energy and with real stories of his experiences as an entrepreneur. The students reacted to Rob with enthusiasm and questions, and definitely benefited from the experience. If you are looking to motivate and inspire, I highly recommend time well spent with Rob Wienski. Quotes
Brian Sheridan
Business Teacher, York High School

Quotes "It was great having Rob Wienski in to present on repetitive body movement, which is a topic not often discussed. Our students enjoyed participating in the activities your provided, and found many of them to be helpful as they continue working on improving their own physical fitness. Your message was clear and easy for all students to follow and understand. Quotes
Clyde Ware
Physical Education Teacher, Willowbrook High School

Quotes On behalf of York High School Physical Education Department, the Personal Fitness students here at York, and myself, I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and quality instruction. I was thrilled with the variety of instruction that you were able to provide in such a limited amount of time. The overall concept of repetitive movement that you spoke on is a topic in our society that should be discussed much more frequent. The fact that our students were engaged in your activity, not only physically but mentally was truly encouraging. Quotes
John Constable
Physical Education Teacher, York High School

Quotes "Rob worked with our players in the areas of agility, flexibility and conditioning. His training program was engaging, energetic and competitive for our kids. Rob was able to integrate intensive skill training with basketball-specific movements throughout the session. I'd recommend Rob's instruction to any coach or athlete who is looking to take that next step to improve their game." Quotes
Brendan Lyons
Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Addison Trail High School

Quotes I'm currently a senior at Lyons Township High School, where I play Varsity Football and Varsity Wrestling in the off-season. One of the things that Rob impressed me with were his tough workouts, which was definitely different that I ever experienced before. His programs helped enhance my explosiveness, speed, agility and quickness. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to any serious athlete who wants to reach their full potential. Quotes
Taylor Curlin
Lehigh (Divison 1) football player

Quotes G4G is a major part of the success we found in our season last year. Rob took the Elmhurst Women's Lacrosse Team to the next level by pushing them to be more physically fit and helped improve their endurance to outlast a lot of our competition. We are excited to partner with G4G again this year with his fast paced and high energy training program. Quotes
Allison Brady
Head Women's Lacrosse Coach, Elmhurst College

Quotes Rob Wienski is an excellent trainer. He's tough and gets you motivated to work hard! He challenged our boys and girls basketball players (ages 14-17 years old), mentally, emotionally and physically. They have become stronger, quicker and have better balance. Working out has become fun! The kids have learned by using the training provided through Rob, they can become a stronger and more skilled player on the court then their opponent. Rob has encouraged my players to push themselves and strive to not only be the best but be better than the rest! Rob Wienski has my highest recommendation." Quotes
Anthony Martinucci
Head Varsity Basketball Coach, J. Sterling Morton High School
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